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Make up artist Awaka Ciera poses the unique talent and ability to accentuate the beauty in others. Originating from Brooklyn, NY Awaka began establishing herself as a freelance artist over the past nine years. The high standards Awaka holds herself to has captured the attention of publications around the world including Glamour Mexico, Vogue Italia and GQ Mexico. 

Of course print publications were never her only ambition. Awaka has demonstrated tireless work ethic, assisting other lead artists on major productions ranging from Coca Cola and Pink by Victoria’s Secret to Tommy Hilfiger and Victoria Beckham for Target. Her leg work has paid off, affording her the opportunity to recently land her own major clients including Pantene and Olay.

Awaka’s love for perfecting the image of a beautiful face has appeared in the shots of legendary award winning photographers Marc Baptiste and Mike Ruiz. 

While Awaka’s work has always surpassed her clients expectations, her specialties lie in her attention to detail including flawless skin care, face-sculpting eyebrows and natural looks that pair perfectly with every variety of skin tones, complexions and facial structures.

Awaka’s unparalleled ambition and God given talents have provided her with the tools to be an amazing make up artist and to also inspire and empower others. Her plans include continuing to help establish grace and confidence in her clients, creating memorable campaigns and make her mark in the beauty industry worldwide. 

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